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Eurocam & Plastik started production in 2009 in NOSAB Organized Industrial Zone with Insulating Glass Facade and Tempered Glass with its 4000 m2 closed – 2.000 m2 open area. In 2012, because of the requirements in the Shower Glass sector only by commissioning its plans to produce Shower Glass in a short time monthly Tempered Flat Glass – Tempered Bomber Glass production of 24,000 m2 removing is the only glass factory that shower of glass production in Turkey.

In 2018, polystyrene glass production, which is the replacement product of glass in the shower cabin sector, started with dolphin and drop patterns. By improving the dealership system in terms of polystyrene glass, it has been able to reach every part of our country easily and its monthly production capacity has increased to 100,000 tons.

In 2019, it started to produce in the sign and advertisement sector with the R&D studies it established and developed. Our aim is to make it one of the leading companies in the sector in the following years, and our company, Eurocam Plastik, will carry out the steps with a strong management, researcher, R&D and dynamic production team, with the support of you, our business partners.

Our Mission

To be a pioneering, dynamic, self-renewing brand company in the glass and plastic industry in the world, and to adopt a customer-oriented corporate structure.
To provide the same quality products and services to all the companies with which it works, regardless of discrimination. To be an exemplary company by making a sound at the global level with its investment, production, employment and quality approach.

Our Vision

With the objectives of increasing customer satisfaction, creating a new and more stable market structure, turning towards products with higher added value, increasing export; Making the Glass and Plastic brands a leading brand in international companies.

Core Values ​​

– Supporting employee participation by valuing new ideas that make a difference,
– Being sensitive to the society and the environment with a sense of social responsibility,
– To increase the belonging of partners with a participatory, positive and transparent organizational approach,
– To strengthen the relations with the stakeholders by supporting education for the professional and personal development of our partners and employees,
– To give importance to human health and work safety in every work done with the understanding of total quality,
– Being a stable team that attaches importance to efficiency, equality and perfectionism,
– To play a balancing role in the sector in order to protect the rights of our partners in competitive conditions.

Yol Tarifi Al
Hemen Ara